Georges Rassel
President of the Board

Mario Kratz
Managing Director & Board of Directors

Manuel Wenner
Managing Director

René Stoltz
Board of Directors

Robert Schweich
Vice Chairman

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About Paul Wurth

Headquartered in Luxembourg since its creation in 1870, the Paul Wurth Group is a leading player in the global market for design and supply of equipment and plant facilities for the ironmaking industry. Paul Wurth is an established technology provider and supplier of complete blast furnace and coke oven plants. Agglomeration plants, direct reduction plants, environmental protection technologies as well as waste treatment and recycling facilities complete Paul Wurth’s product portfolio focused on the primary stage of integrated steelmaking. With more than 1600 employees, Paul Wurth is active worldwide, operating entities and affiliated companies in the main iron and steelmaking regions of the world. Paul Wurth is a member of the SMS group.

PAUL WURTH S.A. | 32, rue d’Alsace | P.O. Box 2233 | L-1022 Luxembourg
Tel. : (352) 4970-1 | Fax : (352) 49 70-2209 |

About SAB

From a company specialised in manufacturing rail systems incorporated in 1999, SAB has been expanding its product range towards components for steelworks, blast furnaces and other industries. Operating a 4 500 sqm production workshop in Grevenmacher (L), SAB provides engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of unit equipment and spare parts. Repair and servicing activities complete the programme. The company has a workforce of about 45 employees and strong customer relationships in European plants.

SAB S.à.r.l. | Zone Industrielle "Am Potaschberg", 19, op der Ahlkerrech
L-6776 Grevenmacher
Tel.: (+352) 719050 | Fax: (+352) 719978 | |