Georges Rassel

To give the Project JOINT VENTURE the right face and the right importance it was decided to nominate the CEO of Paul Wurth S.A., Georges Rassel, as President of the Board of VCL S.A.

René Stoltz

as Managing Director of Paul Wurth International S.A., was also appointed to the Board of Directors of VCL. He will support VCL with all his experience gained in the many years working for Paul Wurth.

Robert Schweich and Mario Kratz

as Managing Directors of SAB S.à.r.l., are designated as direct representatives of the SAB S.à.r.l. on the Board of VCL. Here, Mr. Kratz will be in a dual function as one of two Managing Directors of VCL.

Manuel Wenner

of Paul Wurth S.A., was appointed by the Board as a further Managing Director.

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